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Events & Occasions Data Entry Service help ensure that detailed records of guests and participants at your events and occasions are entered accurately to help you have an accurate statistic of guests and participants...[+]

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ICOBA Association (2006)
Data entry of students' information in hard files from 1932 to 2000 to softcopy format for creation of a Roll Call Directory, for purpose of keep track of their old students' advancement after graduating from the school.

  • Data inputting and collection with Microsoft Excel & Word.
  • Updating of students database from year 1932 to 2000
  • Tulip Maritime Limited (2007)
    Image Scanning and Indexing services; scanning of hard copy photographs into to softcopy, arranging & grouping into album folders and made easily accessible through a Hyper Text Markup Language indexing file.

    WorldStage Limited (2007 - 2008)
    Data conversion of softcopy of TrueColour Magazine from an image format to a pdf e-book compiled format for easy download as a softcopy magazine from WorldStage Group website.

    TSTN Communications (2008 till date)
    Data collection and cleansing, analysis of current registration condition, agreeing future solution, writing the system and documenting complete solution together with contingency plans, for a large database already existing which needed importing to a new multi - level web application system.

    Hadassah Healing Foundation (2008 till date)
    Events & Occasions Data Entry Services: entering of guests and participants' information from a guess form into structured database and provision of subsequent updates of same records for their events. This record is then used by our team of programmers to create either a Mailing list or SMS list through these guests and participants are contacted from time-to-time.